Washington's Lady

Washington's Lady

by Nancy Moser

Arlette Gaffrey: I loved this book, and for me it's a keeper. Martha Washington's first husband was Daniel Custis, one of the wealthiest men in Virginia and the owner of a vast plantation. Martha and Daniel had four children, however two of the children died while quite young. Not long after, Daniel also died, leaving Martha with two small children to raise and the huge platation to maintain and manage, a daunting job considering the limited education alloted to women at that time. But she managed both with success. As a wealthly young widow she was courted by several men but none appealed to her, until she met George Wasington. From the moment they met they became soul mates, and it wasn't long before they were married. George and Martha had no children of their own but he embraced Jacky and Patsy as though they were his own.

I loved this story because it is told in the first person thus we see their life together through Martha's eyes. I have always admired George Washington for his great military skills, for his statesmanship and for his humility in refusing to allow the Congress to crown him King of the United States Of America. But I never knew that he possessed a wonderful sense of humor, that he was an outstanding dancer and loved to dance. His love for Martha was so endearing. I saw the War for Independence from Martha's eyes and I was so impressed in how willingly she left the safety of Mount Vernon to go to George when ever he called for her to come and give him comfort and support. She went to Valley Forge and other places where the army was encamped. She endured the same hardships as did her husband and his men during those eight long years until finally the war was won and America was free from English rule. This book really made me appreciate the great sacrifices Martha, George and all the men and their wives who stood by their beliefs and never faltered even when things looked impossible. For anyone who loves history and loves a good story, this is it. I highly recommend this book and I give it five stars.
Rating: *****

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