We Had It So Good

We Had It So Good

by Linda Grant

Arlene Almas (12/24/11): In "We Had It So Good" the author follows a couple, Stephen and Andrea, from their meeting at Oxford in the sixties to their middle age in the current day. Stephen, an American and son of immigrant parents (father from Poland, mother from Cuba), is a Rhodes Scholar who after his arrival at Oxford remains in England; Andrea has had an unhappy English childhood. Stephen's and Andrea's best friends as students, Ivan and Grace, form the nucleus of their large social group all through adulthood in London as they pursue their professional and family lives. Stephen in particular eventually finds himself confronting the disparity between the group's youthful ideals and reality with not a little disappointment. I found this a very perceptive, poignant, true-to-life story..
Rating: *****

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