What Follows After

What Follows After

by Dan Walsh

Laura Hall (06/08/14): This book is set the JFK era which brings in many parts of the story. The differences in a generation of parents and their sons as far as how they handle their “help” and how they do or do not allow their children to roam around the “safe” neighborhood are brought into play. Also an interesting historical twist from the JFK era of the Cuban Missile Crisis scare with students having bomb drills and families building bomb shelters while the big talk of the town is the President’s speech on their radios or, if in luck or money, new TV, to hear the scary news of possible WW III. In all of this, the plot of the story revolves around what happens to two little brothers when their parents are having arguments and become separated. This causes them to want to get away from it all, planning and taking on an escape to a relative’s house. Unfortunately all doesn’t go as planned and one brother gets kidnapped causing the whole plan to fail, but can it, as well as the possible next World War cause a family to come together? Great read by this author whom I hope to read more of!

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