When You Lie About Your Age

When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win

by Carol Leifer

Elizabeth Cassidy: When I heard this title a few months back, I did the mature thing. I found a wall and banged my head against it. A real-life, “Why did I not think of this” moment. When I found out that Carol Leifer wrote it, I felt a little better. We were both doing stand up in the 80s. She became famous. I became convinced that it was a character building episode for me. But was she compared to a young Woody Allen?? I think not. My mother was concerned that I had morphed into a short, Jewish man, but I did get better gigs.

Okay, this is not about me. I am not a big “laugh out loud person.” Maybe it’s because I still have my tonsils, but it takes a lot for me to make any type of noise when I am laughing. . This book gave me permission to do just that and it felt liberating! Who cares if my 401K is worth 37 cents. I loved this book. The timing of the book hitting the bookstores is like Carol’s timing when telling a joke - perfect.

“When You Lie” is 27 (you couldn’t do 25 or 30 ??) brilliant and humorous observations about life according to Carol Leifer. Each one is a complete gem. I believe when you want to help people learn or experience something new, give them something to laugh about. it is like sulfur medicine that is flavored with honey. Carol does this better than most people walking around.

Her life experiences and background make her a natural for tickling people’s funny bones. She does this by bringing you into her life and letting you kick the tires a bit. Her sharp observations are right on and you leave the last page wanting to start all over. And I am sure Carol wouldn’t mind that as long as you tell all your friends to buy their own damn copy of the book.

I won’t say anything else about what is in this book. It would be like not letting you all enjoy the set ups and punch lines. You deserve to discover it all by yourself. But, if you think the title of the book is funny, there is, “The Call of the Sweatpants” or “”Buried or Not, here I Come” that caused me to strike my head against the wall.

So go out and buy this book. And if I can’t motivate you to spend a little cash to ward off the bad news of the world, then do to for Carol, Lori, Bruno and their rescued dogs. You will thank me. Very much.
Rating: *****

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