Wherever You Go

Wherever You Go

by Joan Leegant

Judy Stanton: The description of this book intrigued me because I have not visited or lived in Israel, and am not familiar with its contemporary culture. Joan Leegant has, and she portrayed several different Americans in Israel, as a settler, a teacher, a rabbi, a student, a writer. She focused in on three Americans, detailing their history, their personal relationship, and their politics. They have varied reasons for coming to Israel; however, all were in search of a sort of life transformation. Because I tend to read and put the book down, I had a difficult time following the disparate characters stories, until they converged in the central drama, at which point I was more thoroughly engaged. The information about Israeli security and Jewish rebel anti-Arab groups was something I had little knowledge about, and found very interesting. A worthwhile read, stick with it. I think I'd give it a 3+ or a 4- .
Rating: ***

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