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Whitney, My Love

by Judith McNaught

Wanda Cohen: Reading this book was like revisiting my past. It was originally written in 1985 but was republished in 1999 with a brand-new enhanced ending. OK, I have to admit that I can't remember the original ending so I can't compare the two. This is romance with heart and endearing characters and an interesting plot. You will really like the main character, Whitney. We get to watch her grow from a scabby kneed, tom boy into a poised beauty. Her ladylike exterior hides her backbone of steel, her sharp wit and the fact that she makes her own rules in a time when women tended to be arm candy and not much more. The ease of the book reminds me of the old commercials for the bubble bath that could "take you away" from dirty dishes, crying children, grumpy husbands. You can curl up and just read for the pleasure of reading. It's like cotton candy, fluffy and entertaining. No heavy story, no twists to keep track of, no horror. Although the thought of being young, single and making your society debut in France and England can be frightening indeed! I wouldn't rank this as a true piece of literary history but it's a great escape. Keep it in your car for those long Dr. appointments.
Rating: ***

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