Winds of Change: Coming Home

Winds of Change Series Book 2: Coming Home

by Stacy Hawkins Adams

Laura (12/01/13): This is the title of the second book in the series by this author but the first book is just as good as well. The series goes through the 3 sisters of an African AMerican family. Each sister has her own issues in life be it a husband who has left her, an interracial marriage, or a free-life type approach when through it all the parents of the three sisters are a preacher and look-good image desiring parents who make their daughters feel in different ways inadequate. As their trials take them through the learning where and how to find strength from family, friends, or other relationships, it is easy to see yourself in their shoes and praying with them. I had not read anything by this author but am enjoying her series.
Rating: *****

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