Winter of the World

Winter of the World: Book Two of the Century Trilogy

by Ken Follett

Dale Israel (01/24/14): Have you seen the commericial with the young man sititing at a table with little kids asking them "Which is better: big or bigger?" If he's referring to books, I agree with the kids and think bigger is better. Winter of the World by Ken Follett is more than 940 pages and in my opinion, it wasn't long enough! Beggining with the rise of Hitler in 1933 and ending with the Cold War in the early 50's, this novel has a large cast of characters which at times could be a little confusing. However, Follett does a great job of cueing the reader so that you quickly remember who the character is. I'm ashamed to say I was too busy passing notes during Mrs. Hodges' World History class and didn't really learn what was going on in the world during this era so this novel was not only entertaining but educational as well. Although sometimes I just skimmed some of the political parts, this book was absolutely wonderful! I didn't want to end! While I didn't particularly like the first book in the triology, I think you could read this one as a stand alone book. Don't let the length of the book deter you from reading was well worth it. And for those of you who are interested...yes, this was a delicious book! 5+++
Rating: *****+++

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