by Kate Moses

Kim Sisto Robinson: The great Sylvia Plath has been resurrected and writes once again through Kate Moses. Plath has slid her slender, delicate hand over Moses' as a guide, and erupts upon the pages like ball of fire. The language is delectable,lush, and almost as brillant as Plath. And the vocabulary, well let me put it this way, I kept my dictionary close by throughout the reading as the vocabulary was vast and voluptuous.

Moses utilizes Plath's last book of poetry, "Ariel", for her chapters: Daddy, Lesbos, Fever 103, Ariel, and of course, Wintering. She brings the reader into Plath's state of mind, her thoughts, her feelings for Ted Hughtes, her darkness, even surprisingly, her immense joy. The reader will feel the dead of winter inside their bones, the moisure freezing inside their nostrils, and smell Plath's sour breath upon their skin.

I appreciated this gorgeous novel because Moss portrays Plath, not as the victim, but as one whom endured life as long as she possibly could despite her depression and circumstances. Plath exclaimed, "I simply cannot see where there is to get to." And then she ended her tragic life. I guess, one needs more than POETRY to be saved.

NOTE --- With all the Plath books out there today, this is one of the best.
Rating: *****

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