Witch & Wizard

Witch & Wizard

by James Patterson

Wanda Cohen: Well, let's just say up front that I don't like books that end leading into the next book. In other words, the ending leaves you hanging, in this case literally. I think it's a cheap marketing ploy or a lazy writer. Since we know James isn't lazy, it must be the first. This book is almost like an American Harry Potter and his sister, met a modern day, metaphysical, Hitler. The language is pure James with the short chapters and fast read but this new series is a departure from his norm. The main characters, Wisty and Whit Allgood are very likable. As a matter of fact, Wisty might be my favorite rude, disrespectful, kid. Her brother is a jock and all that that implies. They also happen to be a very powerful witch and wizard only they don't know it yet. I haven't decided yet if I like this new adventure. I did stick with it and finish. Maybe it's more for tweens or younger adults. It is well done for what it is and the parallel between this plot and Hitler's approach to solving the world's woes is shocking. I don't know how I feel except to say that if you are a fan, support this author. If you are not, don't judge his talent by this book.
Rating: ***

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