You, Fascinating You

You, Fascinating You

by Germaine Shames

Jane Anderson (05/06/12): The book jacket does not do justice to Germaine Shames' "You, Fascinating You." It's not a boy-meets-girl love story with a piece of memorable music thrown in for a title. It's the story of a Jewish ballerina's survival in Nazi Europe. It's the story of an independent artiste, who tries to balance her career alongside a free-wheeling, often-broke, Italian-Catholic husband. It's the story of a mother who loses her only son for years and literally walks from village to village to find him after she is released from a concentration camp. The novel is based on a true story, which heightens its impact, and the telling of it is riveting. I hope Shames is working on her next book. (Note: I am not a friend of the author. I am simply a person who loves a good read. I notice there is only one copy left on Amazon. This either means that other people have discovered it or there hasn't been enough publicity to warrant additional copies. Read it and spread the word).
Rating: *****

Elizabeth Evans (02/28/12): In this heartbreaking and original novel based on the life of Hungarian ballerina Margit Wolf, Germaine Shames has crafted a story that will absorb readers fascinated not only by history and art, but romantic obsession. From Wolf's touching point of view, we see a valiant Jewish artist swept along by a combination of political horrors and her unfailing passion for her husband, famed Italian composer Pasquale Frustaci, who refuses to help her and her son escape from brutal life under the Nazis occupying Hungary. Shames' faithful, carefully researched portrayal of Wolf's blindness and history's cruelty makes this a compelling read.
Rating: *****

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