You're Wearing That?

You're Wearing That?

by Deborah Tannen

Gwendolyn Waring: : A great read for all mothers and daughters---so for all of us women. It provides great insight on the most difficult of all relationships. I learned so much and have already applied some of the lessons learned in my interactions and communications with my daughter. And it has been cathartic in working through the grief experienced from the loss of my mother. Hair, clothes and weight...the hot buttons every mother pushes. I had to laugh when I recently went to visit my daughter, she mentioned that she had flat ironed her hair to please me. The book causes you to step back and really examine what what you say; because life is too short. It is the deep breath that you always wished that you had taken whenever a mother or daughter pressed one of your buttons. I look forward to reading her book on sisters next. I listened to it on my iphone; the actress who read it did a superb job!
Rating: ****

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