Book Clubs: What is Your Book Club Reading? 

Book Club Name

Wine, Women & Words

Book Club Location:

Smoke Rise, Georgia

Membership Open/Restricted:


Types of Books Read:

All types; facilitator of the month picks the book

How often do you meet?

1 time per month; off July and party in December

Where do you meet?

Individual homes

Additional Information About The Book Club

Our book club was established in January 2004. We started out with 13 members and have 14 members now. We have been together for 7 years. I (Jane Shaw) am the "organizer". I send out reminder monthly emails about book choice and meeting location. I also keep copies of all our reading lists ( starting at January 2004). We try to plan our reading and hostess lists three to six months in advance so members get the date and book on the calendar. Our group meets the first Monday of the month. We go see movies as a group if it is a book we have read. We call it our field trip. Our next movie planned is the upcoming "Water for Elephants" in April. I like that each of us is free to do what we want for books or for hostessing. Our members have done themes for food, created story boards and props, dressed as characters in the book, requested a letter/email from an author suggesting how to discuss his book, participated in overnight book club events at the lake, gone to a play based on a book we read, and of course hosted author Julie Hersh at our last meeting. Some of our facilitators go into great depth on a book and others have a brief discussion but our meetings are always lively because we value the diversity in opinion.

Books Read in 2010

Books Read (or to be read) in 2011

Which Books Worked Well?

Our facilitators carefully select books based on their interests, current events, book reviews, and favorite classics. We believe that all books have discussion merit.

Which Books Did Not Work Well?

We are a very verbal group. If a book has limited discussion or was not popular we discuss each other or the day's events. Usually we can find something relevant to discuss!

March 2011 Book Club Meeting

Guest Speaker Julie Hersh

Struck By LivingOn Friday evening, March 18th, Julie Hersh, author of "Struck by Living," came to speak at the monthly book club gathering. The event took place at the lovely home of Jane D. Shaw, who had been the college roommate of Julie's sister Jean Colyer. Approximately 15 women attended the event and they were treated to delicious hors d'hoevres and wine. Julie chatted about her book, her life-long history of fighting depression and what she is currently doing to dispel the stigma associated with mental illness.

Julie Hersh and Jean Colyer
Jean Colyer & Julie Hersh
Jane D. Shaw
Jane Shaw, Julie Hersh & Jean Colyer
Jane D. Shaw
Jane D. Shaw



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