Book Clubs: What is Your Book Club Reading? 

Rhymes With Orange

Click on a book club name to see what its members are reading.

Gail Reid North Metro Atlanta Book Club (GA)
Judy Stanton Wildwood Springs Book Club (GA)
Teresa Joel Inside the Perimeter (GA)
Gwendolyn Waring Bookgroup '73 (Facebook)
Roswell Library Noonday Nosh
Roswell Library Mystery Readers Book Club
Lynn Aldis Dog-Eared Book Club
Jane Shaw Wine, Women & Words
Kay Smith Litchfield Hundred Book Club
Barbara Schlefman Dunwoody Library Book Club
Fran Shuster What We Want To Read
Linda Schulte Books and Bagels
Susan Jimison Girls, Guns and Good Books
Hope Green Myrna's Book Club
Judy Copek Canon Forge Evening Book Club
Debbie Weiss Northcliff Subdivision Book Club
MJCCA Literary Book Club MJCCA Literary Book Club
Glenda Thompson Book Buffs

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