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Lost Luggage

Lost Luggage

Lost Luggage

Lost Luggage by Wendall Thomas blends humor into a mystery. It takes readers on an adventure ride as they journey with the characters on a safari in Africa with the gist of the story involving a smuggling ring of exotic animals.

Thomas stated, “Having admired Henry James and William Faulkner I wanted to write novels. But no one can write like them so I decided to create a story that is geared more to a general reading audience. The first draft was more of a screenplay, but I decided to turn it into a book.”

In this first book of a series the main character, Cyd Redondo, a Brooklyn travel agent discovers a dead parrot on her desk. Days later she finds out that the owner of a pet store is also murdered. Wanting to escape these horrible memories she decides to venture on a safari, having won it in a contest. Not wanting to go alone she asks Roger Claymore to travel with her as the “plus-one.” She had met him at a convention where they had a fling. After arriving in Africa she discovers that in the luggage of two of her clients’ are endangered parrots, snakes, frogs, and a lone Madagascan chameleon. Trying to find the smugglers, save her clients, and solve the murders Cyd dodges Interpol, faces off with a cobra, steals a diplomatic bag, hijacks a FedEx truck, crashes an eco-safari, winds up in a leopard trap, and is forced to smuggle snakes in her bra.

To make the story authentic, the author used her experience of traveling to Africa and picking her friends brains that went on a safari. “I had to make sure the time line was correct. For example, I could not set it now because of the travel ban and stricter customs checks so I set it in 2006. I have something on my desk that tells me when everything comes into play, especially the technology.”

The characters have some contradictions in their personalities. Cyd has some cynicism, where at times she can be incredibly savvy, while at other times naive. Her companion Roger is more of a wimp who thinks he is cool.

Lost Luggage will have readers laughing and crying. As they travel with Cyd they will have their eyes open to the world of smugglers and pet stores.


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