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Travels With George

Travels With George



In her travels with her young son, George, Olga Vannucci strolls and hikes through the landscapes of her Italian childhood, in five separate trips, visiting cherished people and places and describing them with joy and amusement. The writing is warm and refreshing, and the experiences vivid and touching -- you will want to come along. The author, born in Italy and living in New Jersey, looks at Italy as both a local native and an awed visitor.

A Few Words from Author, Olga Vannucci

I was born in Italy and came to the U.S. for college. Iíve been here ever since. I live in rural New Jersey with my son. When he was seven years old, I realized suddenly that I hadnít been back to Italy in ten years, and I went, and took him along. Then I went four more times, and I wrote a book about those trips, a mix of travelogue, personal history, and little anecdotes.

I am a very shy and private person, and I have no idea what possessed me to write a book! I think I felt that what I had to say was a little bit different in that Iím both an Italian native and a tourist. What I find interesting is that my friends who have read the book say it sounds just like me. Itís written in the present tense, so it feels like you are along and Iím talking to you. One of the most rewarding things about writing it was finding out more about myself. Thereís nothing like having to express a thought to help crystallize it! The other is hearing from others about the things that spoke to them in the book, and they range from the more profound to the totally mundane situations. Women will focus on the mothering aspects of the book, dealing with my son. Men enjoy my description of how Italians give directions: they start from a place youíve never heard of, proceed vaguely, and stop well before your destination. Apparently thatís happened to othersÖ They can relate, and I love when people tell me they can relate to something I wrote about. I have two websites: http://travelswithgeorge.com and http://olgavannucci.com. </p>


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