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This site is for you --- to read book reviews written by your friends --- and to submit your reviews of books for others to read.  This website has been created because women like to read!    I have discovered that many of my friends are avid readers and have a long history of devouring books of all different genres --- fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self help, historical and science fiction.

I wanted to create a place where women could go to find out what their friends are reading --- and which books their friends  are enjoying --- or not enjoying.  Who better to recommend a good book, but a close friend?! 

Each visitor to the site must also contribute her opinions about the books she has read, so that our database can continue to expand.  There are book reviews in newspapers and there are book reviews on various internet sites, but these reviews are written by strangers.  Wouldn't you trust the opinions of people you know more than those of strangers?  After all, you don't need to work for the N.Y. Times to have an opinion about a book.

This site is in memory of Natalie Berlin, my mother.  She was a kind, generous, intelligent woman, who was the inspiration for Women's Book Reviews. 

Natalie and Debbie

Natalie J. Berlin
September 30, 1925 - May 19, 2012



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Most Reviewed Book:
Practicing Normal
by Cara Achterberg

Most 5-Start Rating:
Practicing Normal
by Cara Achterberg

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Ms. Faith Bowers

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We Need Your Input!  Click on this link to "Rate a Book."  We now have an online form for you to fill out.  Please share your thoughts with us about the book you have just finished reading.

We Look Forward To Seeing You Again!

Please come back to visit soon. By then there should be lots of new books with reviews and discussions.  We appreciate your support in this endeavor! 

Debbie Weiss

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