Norwegian by Night

Norwegian by Night

by Derek B. Miller

Faith Bowers (02/26/14): I read this book because of Gail's review which explains the storyline very well. I really enjoyed the humor and learned a lot of war culture (such a thing)from the stories about the different wars. I enjoyed this book because if you take Sheldon Horowitz, the 82 year old war vet seriously it becomes a very funny book.
Rating: *****

Gail Reid (02/03/14): In this intriguing novel, there is mystery, humor, rich characters and snappy dialogue. Sheldon Horowitz, an 82-year old widower and Korean war veteran moves to Oslo to live with his granddaughter Rhea and her Norwegian husband Lars. Sheldon moves with misgivings; after all, Oslo is not New York and there are only 1000 Jews in all of Norway.

Before her recent death, Mabel, Sheldon's wife, hints that he may have dementia because Sheldon had recently been recounting tales of his days as a sniper in the Korean war. Mabel insists that he was a clerk during the war; but heroes, of course, share little of their war stories. Sheldon's life has been a difficult one, having encouraged his only child Saul to return for a second tour of duty in Vietnam where he is subsequently killed before the birth of his daughter Rhea.

On his third week in Oslo, an Albanian woman is murdered in the upstairs apartment and Sheldon hides her 8 year old son. How an 82-year old grandfather outwits the Oslo police and the Balkan mafia and escapes with an 8-year old who speaks no English is a story that will keep you engaged until the very last scene.

Looking for something a bit different? A recommended read.
Rating: ****

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